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13 Dic. 2019
Bacteria accumulation is a serious issue in the food manufacturing industry - it can ruin product and put consumer health at risk. While many know that Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an excellent choice for use in diaphragms and gaskets, most do not realize that there exist varying grades of PTFE.
21 Oct. 2019
Gaskets are ubiquitous components in a processing plant. Every flange, equipment joint and connection point will have some form of gasket to prevent fluids from compromising (i.e., leaking from) a process system. However, effective sealing can pose challenges. A new form of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket, GYLON EPIX®, already has successfully addressed a number of persistent problems at plants.
21 Oct. 2019
There are many aged and aging process plants in operation today. In fact, many of the processing plants for power, chemicals, oil, etc., have been in service for more than 50 years. And while the piping itself may remain intact, their bolted flange gasket joints and connections are becoming misaligned, corroded and damaged due to repeated handling, chemical exposure and thermal cycling. This can lead to costly ruptures that may result in millions of dollars in damages, downtime, noncompliance penalties, irreparable environmental impact and litigation.
21 Ag. 2019
The search for the ideal Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket has been elusive. Competing applications and workplace variables have led to the creation of myriad solutions, yet none that has proven fully adaptable and appropriate for universal adoption. Garlock Sealing Technologies considered this to be a critical yet entirely solvable shortcoming.
29 Jul. 2019
Keeping aging facilities and equipment maintained is an ever-changing task that can jeopardize the goal of maximizing uptime. Years of thermal cycling, vibration or foundation settling can disorient piping or pumps. Piping engineers will use rubber expansion joints to account for these types of challenges in a rigid piping system.
12 Jun. 2019
It is no secret that one of the greatest demands for an expansion joint is the expectation to serve a long, leak-free life with little to no maintenance. Once installed, these flexible rubber connectors should require little attention.
12 Jun. 2019
In many ways, expansion joints are the most important components of a well-designed piping system. They are the “living and breathing” dynamic part of the whole system. Without well-designed and well-placed expansion joints, parts such as pump nozzles, valve bodies and pipe anchors could face excessive loading and vibrational fatigue.
15 Abr. 2019
Hear what Chris Boss, Sr. Applications Engineer at Garlock has to say about Compression Packing in the October 2018 edition of Pumps and Systems magazine. Published Jan. 03, 2019.
04 Abr. 2019
In this Pumps & Systems article, Garlock Sr. Application Engineer, Matt Tones explains the importance of surface profiling. Published April 2019.
21 Dic. 2017
Pumps & Systems article provides guidance for the storage of different gasket materials to preserve their integrity.