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Reducing lead time by bringing production in-house

Introducing the all-new GUARDIAN™ XL bearing isolator

It’s an old saying, but when it comes to industrial applications, time really is money. So when your equipment is down, every minute you wait for a replacement part is cash out the door. Companies that use equipment with 12- to 24-inch rotating seals know this all too well.

In the past, lead times for these products ranged from several weeks to a month. Now, as a result of acquiring specialized equipment and bringing the manufacturing in-house, we’re proud to say that Garlock can deliver a 7-day turnaround on our new GUARDIAN™ XL bearing isolators — a shorter lead time than other bearing isolators of this size and performance.

Based on the existing design of our standard-size GUARDIAN™ bearing isolator, the GUARDIAN™ XL is meant for heavy-duty applications with large, high-speed rotating shafts, including pulp and paper mills, printing presses, mining, steel mill rollers, overhead cranes, power generation and more. The GUARDIAN™ XL is specifically designed to withstand the higher pressures and forces of heavy-duty applications, and is available in both flanged and flangeless designs.

Ideal for pumps, motors, and bearing-supported industrial equipment under the harshest conditions, the GUARDIAN™ XL features an engineered labyrinth design that excludes liquid and solid contamination while successfully retaining bearing lubrication.  Its unitizing ring eliminates metal-to-metal wear on the shaft and housing, improving efficiency by reducing drag, extending equipment life and lowering maintenance costs.

Our customers can now rely on us for their bearing isolator needs no matter the size of their application.

Learn more about the new GUARDIAN™ XL and how it can improve your performance and profitability. 

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