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Garlock Launches PUR-GARD™ Newest Addition to the KLOZURE® FDA Portfolio

Garlock Launches PUR-GARD™ Newest Addition to the KLOZURE® FDA Portfolio 
Palmyra, N.Y. (July 10, 2018) - Garlock, a leading manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing products, has launched the KLOZURE® PUR-GARD™ bearing isolator. PUR-GARD™ is the newest addition to the KLOZURE® FDA Portfolio; a suite of dynamic sealing products specially designed for the unique challenges faced in highly regulated sanitary markets such as food processing, beverage, and dairy.  
Daily wash down processes can result in premature bearing & equipment failure and cause costly downtime & maintenance requirements that can be avoided with the use of improved sealing technology. PUR-GARD™ utilizes Garlock’s patented IP66 labyrinth sealing design to provide superior bearing protection against contamination from daily wash downs, high-pressure water spray, and dust particulate.  It also reduces operating costs by providing a longer equipment lifespan, improved mean time between repair, and reduced energy consumption.
PUR-GARD™ is metal detectable/ x-ray inspectable and is manufactured with 316 stainless steel, Rubber Fab’s patented DETECTOMER® o-rings, and a TUF-STEEL® unitizing element. These metal detectable/ x-ray inspectable components increase the effectiveness of existing x-ray and metal detection systems in food and beverage applications for improved safety and product integrity, in addition to equipment reliability.
PUR-GARD™ bearing isolators are available for purchase immediately, along with all other KLOZURE® FDA Portfolio products. This includes: silicone oil seals, ISO-GARD® bearing isolators, P/S®-II mechanical seals, and other dynamic sealing solutions offered by Garlock with FDA compliant materials that provide optimal sealing in the sanitary markets. Please contact Garlock for specific price and lead time details. For more information on the FDA Portfolio and PUR-GARD™ bearing isolators, visit
We look forward to discussing opportunities for PUR-GARD™ and the KLOZURE® FDA Portfolio of products. Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any other contact within the Garlock organization. 
About the Garlock Family of Companies
The Garlock family of companies is part of EnPro Industries, Inc. (NYSE: NPO). Garlock is acknowledged as the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing products, committed to a culture of safety. Processing industries served include chemicals and petrochemicals, refining, pulp and paper, power generation, semiconductor, primary metals, food and pharmaceuticals, mining and original equipment manufacturers. 
Contact: Brian Kohn Director, KLOZURE® Product Management and Strategy (315) 597-3048 
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