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Successfully Seal Non-Metallic Flange Joints - Challenges and Considerations Webinar

18 Sept. 2020

Webinar Abstract: A new FRP tank requires a metal gate valve with a raised face flange to be joined to one of the tank’s flanged nozzles. The rubber gasket originally specified won’t work, due to media incompatibility, so what’s next? This webinar will present considerations and solutions for sealing non-metallic flange joints. Non-metallic pipe systems are commonly specified when corrosion is of chief concern and the cost of exotic metals is high. To successfully seal flanged joints there are basic and special considerations for the selection and application of gasket materials. Non-metallic pipe and flange materials can be glass or polymer-lined metal pipe, HDPE, PVC/CPVC or FRP. Join this webinar to learn the right steps to successfully seal non-metallic pipe flanges.

Chemical Processing Magazine
11:00 AM EST
United States