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The heart of food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations

Introducing the GYLON® ONE-UP® Diaphragm Pump

Much like a human heart, a diaphragm pump creates a vacuum and propulsion action that pulls material in and propels it through the piping system toward the next stage in the processing operation.

In the food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industries, the diaphragm pump is essential to the safe and productive transfer of the process medium.

The diaphragms that create this vacuum and propulsion must withstand demanding conditions, including extreme pressures and temperatures, aggressive process and cleaning media, steam, solids and dry operation, to function properly.

Failure of the diaphragm can result in cross-contamination of the process materials, damage to the processing equipment and costly downtime.

The new, FDA-compliant GYLON® ONE-UP® pump diaphragm combines Garlock’s innovative GYLON® PTFE material with our proven, patented rib construction to create the most durable, longest-lasting pump diaphragm ever.

With more than triple the flex life of conventional diaphragms, there simply is no comparison to the performance, reliability and safety of the GYLON® ONE-UP® in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Check out our new product video to learn what makes the GYLON® ONE-UP® so unique here

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