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Expansion Joint Preventative Maintenance & Reliability Service

The Garlock Difference 

Garlock understands the value PM has in meeting operational goals and offers programs designed to assist our clients with these needs. Unplanned downtime and its associated costs put undue stress and burden on everyone from purchasing and operations to maintenance and engineering. After all, the last call anyone wants to receive is one advising that a part failed over a weekend and flooded a critical area of the plant. This can be avoided! 

Expansion Joint Inspections 

As part of a preventive maintenance (PM) program, routine expansion joint inspections serve an important role in maximizing up time and efficiency. With an ongoing decline in the availability of skilled trades, maintenance technicians and reliability engineers are assuming responsibility for more equipment and larger areas of the plant. There are simply not enough hours in the day or resources at hand to perform every PM recommended to keep a facility running. Consequently, manufacturer recommended expansion joint PM can be easily overlooked or forgotten.

Unlike most system components, rubber expansion joints exhibit obvious outward signs of deterioration. This deterioration is typically due to settling, misalignment, excessive movement, chemical incompatibility, or a combination thereof. While these characteristics may be obvious during visual inspection, it can be difficult for untrained personnel to judge the severity of the deterioration.

Preventative Maintenance & Reliability (PMR) Benefits 

Garlock’s engineers and specialists will perform inspections of all rubber (non-metallic) expansion joints currently installed or in inventory. As part of the service, each expansion joint you utilize will be visually inspected, evaluated, and pertinent visual and dimensional data recorded. This comprehensive service will provide the following:

» Manufacturer recommended periodic inspection

» System nomenclature and expansion joint identification information

» Recommended replacement schedule including priority ratings 

This compiled data will help engineering, maintenance and purchasing personnel formulate the necessary maintenance & replacement schedules and forecast repair budgets more accurately. Our customers have found that by partnering with Garlock and implementing the PMR Service, they can realize zero unplanned downtime related to expansion joint failure. This service, and its associated options, has proven to be a tremendous benefit to our customers


If you are interested in the Preventative Maintenance & Reliability Service or have questions, please contact:

Karl Hoffman Sales Development Representative Office: 1-315-597-7197 Email:


PMR Service Features 


As part of the in-service portion of the inspection, we will obtain detailed measurements from existing pipe flanges to document and detect piping misalignment. Garlock currently offers three inspection levels to address your needs.

» EXPRESS: Includes a walk down and visual inspection in the desired area(s) of the plant, as well as measurement of any expansion joints showing obvious signs of deterioration. Garlock will discuss the on-site findings with your staff during the visit and provide recommendations and a priority replacement list based on the inspection findings.

» ENHANCED: Includes all Express services as well as a summary report detailing our findings and recommendations.

» EXPANSIVE: Includes all Enhanced services as well as a complete listing of all expansion joints inspected with information including condition of existing products and product recommendations. 

Guaranteed Fit

Expansion joints measured by Garlock, ordered through a participating distribution partner, and installed utilizing proven installation practices as recommended by the Fluid Sealing Association are guaranteed to fit correctly. In the event of a measurement error, Garlock will expedite and replace the expansion joint free of charge. 


As part of the Preventative Maintenance & Reliability Service, Garlock surveyors can provide recommendations aimed at cost savings and inventory consolidation by identifying common size ranges or recommending general-purpose materials of construction with the intent of reducing or eliminating costly equipment specific inventory.


Garlock routinely provides Educational Training Seminars for a range of audiences including engineers, maintenance teams, and purchasing. Our most frequent requested training seminars cover topics such as expansion joint removal, visual inspections, proper bolting sequence, lifting and lugging, troubleshooting, and dimensional verification for installation and maintenance personnel. We will work with you to custom craft an agenda that meets your training needs. 


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