FLOOD-GARD® Bearing Isolators for Fully Flooded Applications

FLOOD-GARD® bearing isolators offer the ultimate sealing solution for aggressive, flooded lubrication environments. With its patent pending IP66 design, FLOOD-GARD® is a revolutionary seal that combines improved safety and overall process efficiency with cost savings through extended equipment and bearing life.


  •  Patented seal design provides bearing protection even in the most challenging flooded environments, extending the life of rotating equipment

  • Rugged, unitized construction for ease of installation

  • IP66 in most common design configurations

  • Available in standard and small cross section configurations

  • Substantially reduced installation time - NO ARBOR PRESS NEEDED

  • No metal-to-metal contact between stator and rotor

  • Handles up to .015" of misalignment



  • Rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, gearboxes with flooded internal lubricant levels (levels which are above the bottom of the shaft)



  • Temperature: -22ºF (-30ºC) to 400ºF (204ºC)

  • Shaft to bore misalignment: ±0.015” (0.38 mm)

  • Axial motion to ±0.010” (0.25 mm)

  • Surface speed: to 3,000 FPM Max. (15.24 m/s)

  • Pressure: 7 psi intenal pressure


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